Inner Care

Inner Care

75 ml

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Nourishing care
Especially good for
Sexual wellness
Intimate dryness

How to use

Inner Care

Step 1
A multi purpose balm

Warm up the glide balm in your hands so it melts slightly. Massage and enjoy how the balm nourishes your skin and makes everything glide. Use it for dryness in the intimate area, as a lubricant, for massaging the body as well as intimate massages during pregnancy to reduce the risk of rupture when giving birth. Use it to moisturize your skin exactly where you need it.

Please note that the balm can break down silicone in condoms and sex toys.

Step 2

Inner Care provides intensive care no matter where you use it. Also, use it on exposed and extra dry areas such as elbows, knees, heels, knuckles, etc.

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