From the Amazon to Denmark

The wild açai berries that grow wild in the Amazon Rainforest are the little beating hearts of Rudolph Care and the leading lady in many of our products.

Açai is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega 6 and 9, which are essential fatty acids. The unique feature of the berry is its high concentration of antioxidants that have an exceptional revitalizing and protective effect on the skin.

For more than ten years, Rudolph Care has worked closely with a local community in the Amazon consisting of 150 families who harvest the berries for us.

Açai berries grow in clusters on the most beautiful palm trees in the shadow of the humid and lush Brazilian rainforest. The berries grow and ripen until they turn a characteristic dark purple. For generations, the local population in the Amazon has regarded açai berries as a natural source of energy and their annual harvest of the precious berries is a big event.

The harvest step by step

Since 2009 for generations to come

Rudolph Care x Amazonas