Mist Delight or Açai Facial Mist? Discover our two refreshing mists that complete your cleansing routine with nourishing care.

Mist Delight

Mist Delight 30 ml.

Açai Facial Mist

Açai Facial Mist 30 ml.

The difference between Mist Delight & Açai Facial Mist

On the surface they look alike, though inside they’re entirely different...

Açai Facial Mist tones and cleanses your skin after you have applied your daily cleansing product. It contracts your pores, leaves a firm feel and makes the skin fresh and ready for your follow-up care – serum, oil and/or cream.

Mist Delight is a refreshing and moisturizing mist that replenishes the skin with nourishment and energy. It gives you a supple and nourished skin and is particularly good for dry and sensitive skin.


Refresh your mind throughout your day by letting occasional drops of Mist Delight Travelsize land on your cheeks.