Açai Facial Mist

Açai Facial Mist is a tightening and cleansing toner that works actively to protect your skin and minimize pores with its antioxidants.

Fun fact: In the very near future, you will see that we have swapped Açai Facial Mist's frosted glass bottle with a clear glass bottle made from 90% recycled glass.

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Adds moisture
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More about Açai Facial Mist


The powerful drops from Açai Facial Mist treat impurities and cleanse the skin with the help of organic witch-hazel. This makes the mist the ideal product to complete your cleansing routine. Spirulina extract rescues the skin with vitamins and minerals and reinforces the skin’s defense systems. Purple coneflower soothes irritation and redness while aloe vera safeguards the moisture balance of the skin.


Açai Facial Mist smells of the fresh ingredients it contains. And of the natural Rudolph Care signature fragrance.


When you spray the mist over your face, the product transforms into vitalizing and refreshing droplets.


Açai Facial Mist carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and COSMOS certifications which safeguard your health and that of the world around you in a complete life cycle. The product also carries the Vegan Trademark label. Find out more about our certifications here.

How to use Açai Facial Mist

  1. Cleanse your face

    Cleanse your face, décolletage and neck with your favorite cleanser. Are you familiar with our Hydrating Cleansing Milk and Gentle Cleansing Foam?

  2. Mist

    Close your eyes, hold the product approx. 30 cm from your face and spritz your face, neck and décolletage. Açai Facial Mist can also be sprayed on a cotton pad and brushed gently over your face, neck and décolletage. Let the product absorb completely before continuing.

  3. Serum, cream and oil

    Then apply serum, face cream and/or oil. We recommend our Firming Perfector Serum followed by Firming Therapy Moisturizer and/or Facial Oil Delight.


Spray Açai Facial Mist over your makeup to set and keep it in place.

Açai Facial Mist FAQ


We have now introduced you to Açai Facial Mist – and told you everything you need to know. But just in case, here is a summary:

Açai Facial Mist…

  • Is ideal for completing your cleansing routine as it tones and tightens the skin.
  • Revitalizes your face and provides the best base for your serum, face cream and/or oil.
  • Does not contain the 26 fragrance allergens and is certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, COSMOS and Vegan Trademark.