Andreas thought's for 2022

2022 will stand as a monumental year in my life, for better or for worse. A year ago, I was declared cancer free. It feels like a long time has passed, but also a short time.

"It has been — and remains – harder than anything else I have ever experienced"

This past year I have worn my heart on my sleeve. Sounds, smells and impressions that would normally be a natural part of my life have at times felt so intense that I have repeatedly been reminded that I am not yet fully healed. Like an impatient child on the backseat of a car, I have wanted to shout, “Are we there yet?" My energy and appetite for adventure has been replaced with physical and mental exhaustion. It has been — and remains – harder than anything else I have ever experienced.

This year, I have been looking to new ways to become whole again. I have sought shelter. I have chased calm, balance, rest and fresh air to recalibrate my body and my mind. I have met a new and fragile side of myself that I am slowly getting to know, slowly learning to love and slowly seeing strength in. This side of me also knows what is good for me — and I am still learning to listen to what it is telling me. In many ways, this is an unexpected gift that 2022 has brought me. In the middle of my personal storm, I know that it is when I feel my smallest that I grow, more nuanced with each day that passes.

"I take one step at a time"

I have always loved nature with such a passion, and no experience or adventure of mankind can compare to the ones I have experienced in nature this year. From the comforting view of the sea from the cliffside steps near my summer cottage to Africa’s beautiful and golden savannah. From the wonder of the Northern Lights to the infinite power and fragility of the cold North, where winter’s chill leaves the landscape barren and still. It is touching how nature wants me to feel good. How it silently bids me welcome, calling me to be present in the moment. Beyond the unconditional love and care of my family and friends, it is nature and its unadulterated wonder that has fed my soul when I have retreated within it to heal. I take one step at a time.

Meanwhile, my immediate world is developing so beautifully. My beloved Rudolph Care does not just grow; it blossoms in the loving hands of the world's best team. It cultivates small yet strong buds across France, England and Norway. I am so grateful that I have had — and still have — the opportunity to nurture myself safe in the knowledge that my team looks after each other and Rudolph Care every single day.

"My own world has been small this year, but my love for life and for the planet is great"

While I have focused on my healing, the world has broken a little more. The horrifying war in Ukraine. The injustice to the women of Iran. The repercussions of the pandemic. Inflation. Climate disasters. Abortion legislation in the United States. Just a little of what the population of our beautiful blue planet has done to each other this year. Instead, let us stand side by side and enter a new year with love.

My own world has been small this year, but my love for life and for the planet is great. Knowing this, I will enter the new year a little stronger than one year ago – and with love for who I have become and for the living planet we will care for together in 2023.

Happy new year, Andrea