Christine Sofie's favorite products

Model Christine Sofie recently gave birth to her second child. Her usual morning and evening routines were suspended, her skin receives loving nourishment when there’s time for it, and she’s aware of not using strongly scented products.

Find out about her favorite products in the interview below.

Do you have any skincare routines at the moment?

“My skincare routine is not really a routine at the moment. It’s pretty much just rubbing cream or oil on my face when I have few minutes to myself. When I get to take a warm bath, I use a facial scrub or cleanser, massage my body with oil while the skin is still damp and wait for it to absorb, wearing my bathrobe. My skin gets so dry in the transition from winter to spring, so I nourish it whenever I have the time. I’ve placed a hydrating lotion next to the changing table as a reminder that I need care too. I adore my facial mist as is refreshens me (wakes me up) during the day.”

Has your routine changed after giving birth?

“Quite a lot. I never use perfumes or other strongly scented products that can disturb my daughter Paloma’s ability to recognize my scent. Overall, I really do consider what I use on my face and body, so I don’t transfer anything to her. I often have cream on my hands when I must breast feed her, for example."

Do you do anything to keep your glow even though it’s cold outside?

"Right now, I’m testing how Rudolph Care’s Facial Oil Delight works with a gua sha. It feels so nice on my shoulders and neck that are worn from breastfeeding. It also gives a beautiful glow on dull winter skin. It’s definitely going to be a ritual of mine that I’ll try to make time for. I also see more glow on my skin when I go to sleep with a good facial oil on rather than a regular facial cream."

How do you boost your energy through cold times?

"We live close to ‘Tisvilde Hegn’ and I love wrapping up my family in warm clothing to go for a long walk in the silence and calmness of the woods or along the beach, listening to the waves. Fresh sea air always energizes me."

Do you have any favorite products?

"My skin has changed a lot during my pregnancies and post-partum. I cherish a mild body scrub when I’m in the shower, preferably the one with grapefruit and verbena from Aesop, and I apply Açai Body Balm on exposed areas like my shins and elbows. When it comes to my face, I go for ’less is more’. I keep it simple with a serum and a cream, and right now I’m quite fond of Rudolph Care’s Instantly Smoothing Serum and Minois’ Crème Douce."