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Mommy & Me: Your Skincare Companion for Moms and Babies

Mommy & Me is not just your average skincare product; it's a multi-use wonder that can be added into the daily routines of pregnant women, new moms, and families. The product boasts several certifications, including the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, COSMOS, Asthma Allergy Nordic, and AllergyCertified, assuring its quality and safety. The product is 100% fragrance-free and smells mildly and naturally of the ingredients it contains. The balm contains natural and nourishing oils, shea butter and beeswax.


Pregnancy-safe skincare

Adjust your routine to your new phase in life. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life – and a time, that deserves extra attention when it comes to skin- and body care. At Rudolph Care, we understand the unique needs of expectant mothers or new moms and have therefore crafted products that prioritize safety and quality, to ensure you and your little one receive the best care possible.


Sunday Edit: Understand yourself and your cycle better

Too many women ignore the signals their body sends, even when they are loud and clear. But it is never too late to learn to listen to what the body is saying, says psychologist, yoga teacher and author, Laila Tórsheim. She believes that a woman's menstrual cycle holds a wealth of rewarding information that can make us softer, stronger and, not least, much smarter about our health, body and psyche.


Sunday Edit: A Conversation about skin and hormones

Many women experience changes in their skin in correlation with the hormonal fluctuations of their menstrual cycle. It's possible that a single skincare routine throughout the month may not yield the desired results. Listen to your skin and discover what it’s telling you; what does it need more or less of? We spoke with our skincare expert, Camilla Schjelderup, about which products and ingredients you should reach for depending on the condition of your skin and where you are in your cycle.