Find the right cleanser for you

A cleanser is the first step in your skin routine – and one of the most important steps for healthy and radiant skin. But should you choose cleansing milk or oil? Or maybe a foam? Or all three...? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Regardless of which cleanser you choose, we recommend using our Cleanse and Care Pads and our Cleanse & Care Cloths along with your cleanser.

Both the Cleanse & Care Cloths and Cleanse and Care Pads have two sides; use the rough woven side when your skin needs a gentle exfoliation – and the soft side for delicate skin, and to rinse off your cleansing products. Made from cotton and linen, and with pink stripes à la Rudolph Care.

Nourishing Cleansing Oil

– Especially good for those with sensitive or dry skin.

– A lightweight cleansing oil, that doesn’t not weigh down the skin or clog your pores. Effectively cleanses the skin on both the surface and deeper layers.

– Superb makeup remover for your entire face – and for eye makeup. You rarely get a better makeup remover than an oil-based cleanser.

– For those who want a double cleanse; follow up with Gentle Cleansing Foam for a deeper cleanse that leaves the skin light and fresh, ready for the following skincare routine.

How to use Nourishing Cleansing Oil: Pump the cleansing oil into your hands and massage it onto your entire face in circular motions. You can also wet your hands and feel how the oil forms a soft, milky white emulsion as you continue to massage the skin. Remove the oil with a damp Cleanse & Care Cloths or Cleanse and Care Pads

Gentle Cleansing Foam

– Especially good for those with combination skin - or skin that tends to get oily.

– A cleansing foam that effectively removes makeup and dirt that gather throughout the day.

– Contains active ingredients that prevent impurities – as well as a natural soap that leaves your skin feeling clean without being stripped of moisture.

– A great choice as the second step in a double cleanse; after removing makeup and cleansing the skin with Nourishing Cleansing Oil; follow up with Gentle Cleansing Foam for a deeper cleanse.

How to use Gentle Cleansing Foam: Wet your face lightly - or use Gentle Cleansing Foam in the shower. Press the pump 1-2 times and distribute the soft foam between your hands. Cleanse your face with the foam, being careful around the eyes. Rinse the foam off with water, a damp Cleanse & Care Cloths, or Cleanse and Care Pads. The product can be used 1-2 times a day.

Hydrating Cleansing Milk

– Especially good for those with 'normal' skin, as well as those with dry or sensitive skin.

– A gentle cleansing milk that removes eye makeup and dirt – and is highly moisturizing and nourishing with organic oils.

– Aloe vera and echinacea soothe the skin, while oils from almonds, açai, and jojoba rebuild, strengthen, and hydrate the skin.

– Hydrating Cleansing Milk can be used with or without water – and is ideal in combination with our Cleanse & Care Cloths or Cleanse and Care Pads

How to use Hydrating Cleansing Milk: With water: Wet your face lightly and massage with the cleansing milk. Rinse off with a damp Cleanse & Care Cloths, or Cleanse and Care Pads. Without water: Distribute 2-4 pumps onto Cleanse and Care Pads, and gently swipe the cleansing milk over your entire face until dirt and makeup is removed. Allow the remaining product to sit and nourish the skin.