Live, love, surf – with Peter Sahlberg

He spends most of his life finding balance on a board on some water. In other words, Swedish Peter Sahlberg is a surfer dude. He is the brain behind Surfakademin, which facilitates surf and yoga retreats worldwide. See more at and check out their Instagram account, @surfakademin.

In celebration of Rudolph Care's sun care series' 10th anniversary, we interviewed Peter about where he was 10 years ago and where he dreams of being in 10 years.

Tell us about yourself…
My life is about being in motion, and surfing and running are my two great passions. I am happiest when I am out in nature: on the sea, in the forest, or open landscapes, preferably in the company of good friends. Together with my best friend, Jens Holmer, I have been running the surf and yoga travel company Surfakademin since 2006. Working with my passion, surfing, creating fantastic experiences, and building a community is a gift. We travel with the Surfakademin family around the world all year round.

Where do you live when you're not traveling the world?
I live in Södermalm in Stockholm for half of the year, and the other half is spent at Surfakademin's destinations: the Basque Country, California, and Costa Rica.

What are you currently focusing on?
I'll be home in Stockholm with a few trips to Copenhagen in the coming month. We're launching the Surfakademin concept in Denmark, which will be fun, and I'm also running a marathon. It's my first ever, so it's exciting. Otherwise, there's a lot of preparation for summer trips to France.

Where were you 10 years ago?
In 2014, I lived in Southern California and traveled incredibly much, probably eight months of the year. I loved life, chased the endless summer, and did exactly what I wanted. Surfing, surfing, surfing was on my to-do list.

Where would you like to be in 10 years?
To stay mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong. To continue to be curious and excited about life. I want to express myself creatively and conceptually in my work. To live in a house by the sea with a lovely woman and children.

What are your summer plans?
I spend the summer in the French part of the Basque Country at a castle with many lovely Scandinavians, both old and new friends.

We can reveal that you are a Rudolph Care's Sun Balm SPF 50 fan. Why do you like using it?
Most of the year, I spend time in tropical areas, such as California and the South of France. In other words, under a blazing sun. I've tried everything when it comes to sun protection. It's one thing to lie on the beach for 30 minutes, but another thing is to surf for two hours under a tropical sun or run 20 kilometers in the Pyrenees. Last winter in Costa Rica, I only used Sun Balm SPF 50 and didn't get sunburned once. Carrying the little jar on my run or in the water is easy, so I'm always ready to face the sun.

And with that, the recommendation is passed on. Thank you, Peter. Enjoy those waves.