Sun protection application for kids

When it comes to the mandatory summer application of sunscreen on children, the sun, moon and stars often have to be perfectly aligned for it to run smoothly. "It smells funny” or “It’s sticky,” they complain – but we are happy to help disprove their rebuttals with our Kids Sun Lotion.

Below are three tips on how to ensure daily sun cream application goes smoothly.

Kids Sun Lotion SPF 30 and SPF 50 are 100% fragrance-free, non-sticky and water resistant, and do not leave a greasy or white film on the skin. They carry the AllergyCertified and Nordic Swan Ecolabel certifications, which are your guarantee of coral friendliness and loving care for both body and planet.

1. Allow plenty of time

Get up a little earlier in the morning to avoid time pressure. Allowing plenty of time for application makes it a little more fun and a whole lot easier. To be properly protected, the child's body must be covered with an amount equivalent to a child’s handful. Divide the amount in half so that you apply from top to toe in two rounds. Kids Sun Lotion is created to make application easy; it is quick absorbing so that your child can get dressed and get moving quickly.

2. Make application a breeze

Make application a game by drawing with sun cream on the child’s back and legs and have them guess the motif. Sing a song or invent a sun cream dance. Teach your child a rhyme that you say together as you apply – "Head, shoulders, knees and toes…” – and let your child help you apply the sun cream.

3. Self-sufficient sun care

Equip your child with Sun Stick SPF 50, which can be easily pulled out of their pocket or bag while at school. Stick in hand, your child can supplement with extra protection on exposed areas such as the ears, the nose, the lips or neck.

  • 100% recycled plastic

Kids Sun Lotion SPF 30 - 400 ml.

DKK 425
400 ml