The Deligtful Trio

Invite the brightness, lightness and the crispy fresh feeling into your skincare – and meet the sprouting season with a nourishing, hydrating trio.

Mist Delight, Moisture Delight and Facial Oil Delight are the essence of light care, soft textures, balance, calmness and nourishment.

The Delightful Trio

The three delight products were created to manifest soft, breezy impression on your skin. With high levels of moisturizing and harmonizing ingredients, they embrace your skin as it is right now.

1. Mist Delight

Spray Mist Delight over your face, neck and chest on freshly cleansed skin. Mist Delight is rich in moisture and nourishment from honey, açai and calendula that both refreshen your skin and do you good. The empowering mist feels like a light summer breeze – right there in the middle of your bathroom.

2. Facial Oil Delight

Dose a few drops of Facial Oil Delight into the palm of your hand and warm it between your palms. Apply the oil all over your face, neck and chest using gentle, deep pressure. Feel the calmness and harmony manifest from the unique combination of oils from avocado, broccoli, açai, sesame and sunflower. Sense the fragrance of the oil as you apply it.

3. Moisture Delight

Finish with Moisture Delight. Dose a bit of cream between your palms and apply to face, neck and chest. Feel how Moisture Delight serves your skin a light hug full of protection and hydrating ingredients from cucumber, rosehip and elderflower – among many other.

A sunny tip

If the sun is out, consider if Sun Face Cream should replace your Moisture Delight. UV rays never rest - not even in early spring. Sun Face Cream can replace your daily face cream all year round, as you please, and we always recommend protecting your skin once too often rather than once too little. Sun Stick is also a neat spring buddy that provides high SPF on exposed spots like lips, nose and ears.

Mist Delight

DKK 325
100 ml

Moisture Delight

DKK 425
50 ml

Facial Oil Delight

DKK 465
15 ml