Blossom Shampoo

Blossom Shampoo is a luxurious and nourishing shampoo with extracts of organic berries and flowers to strengthen the hair and make it beautiful and shiny.

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Especially good for
Damaged hair
All hair types

More about Blossom Shampoo


Blossom Shampoo provides a soft lather to clean hair and scalp without drying or reducing shine. This shampoo focuses on repairing, nourishing and treating dry and damaged hair. Especially wheat protein, marigold and rosehip help both hair and scalp to recover. Can be used daily by all the family.


The shampoo fills the bathroom with a fresh smell of berries and flowers.


Blossom Shampoo contains natural sulphate from RSPO-certified palm and coconut oil to ensure a full and soft lather.


Blossom Shampoo carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and COSMOS certifications which safeguard your health and that of nature in a complete life cycle. The product also carries the Vegan Trademark label. Find out more about our certifications here.

How to use Blossom Shampoo

Distribute a small amount of Blossom Shampoo through wet hair and massage gently. A thorough massage of the scalp boosts blood circulation to aid the balance of the scalp. Leave the soft lather to work in the hair for 1-3 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Repeat as required – if you use many different styling products or have very thick hair, two washes may be necessary.

For best results, finish with Forever Soft Conditioner for additional softness.

Blossom Shampoo Q&A


We have now introduced you to Blossom Shampoo – and told you everything you need to know. But just in case, here is a summary:

Blossom Shampoo…

  • Revitalizes and repairs dry and damaged hair.
  • Stimulates and nourishes the scalp and piques the senses with a smell of flowers and berries.
  • Does not contain the 26 fragrance allergens and is certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, COSMOS and Vegan Trademark.