Pleasure Seeker by Rudolph Care & Peech

Pleasure Seeker by Rudolph Care & Peech

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Adds glow
Relieves tension
Especially good for
All skin types

"Why intimacy, well-being, and sexual health are such important topics to talk openly and loudly about."

Rudolph Care & Peech have created two different products: a vibrator and stimulator in one and a pelvic floor trainer.

What is the idea behind the two products?

"We want the products to show the many nuances intimacy and well-being contain. Tender Lifters (the pelvic floor trainer, ed.) contains the health aspect reflecting the importance of a strong pelvic floor, while Pleasure Seeker contains the element that deals with sexual well-being and pleasure. A beautiful aesthetic has also been important in the process; we want the products to be part of one's health routine, and not something to be ashamed of or hide away," says Clara Filippa Andersen.

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