UV-Bodyguard by Rudolph Care & Ajuma - Original

UV-Bodyguard by Rudolph Care & Ajuma - Original

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UV-Bodyguard by Rudolph Care & Ajuma - Original

Step 1
How can we best protect our children in the sun?

This was the fundamental question that the couple behind Ajuma and the UV-Bodyguard asked themselves when creating the handy sensor. Based on their shared expertise in atmospheric monitoring and UV radiation, the tracker was created. The small, digital device shows how long you need to stay outside in order to replenish vitamin D levels and emits a warning when you are ready for more sunscreen or shade before the sun’s rays can potentially become harmful.

Rudolph Care and Ajuma share the same values—and your safety is so important to us. We relish in the warmth, light and ease of summer and sunshine, but we also understand that the sun should be enjoyed with caution as its rays can be harmful to the skin and can increase the risk of skin cancer, if you do not protect yourself with sufficient sunscreen, sun hat and shade.

Rudolph Care's sun series protects and nurtures the skin while you enjoy the sun. Dedicated products care for you, your skin and our environment, and are stamped with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel—leaving you free to enjoy the sunshine with confidence. Healthy sun habits benefit your skin and that of your loved ones—as well as future generations. That's why we found it only natural to team up with Ajuma to add yet another helpful and protective companion to our sun care series, ensuring safe sun exposure and healthy habits for everyone.

Step 2
What is UV radiation?

In short, the sun's rays comprise UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Each type of radiation has its own wavelength. The ozone layer prevents the most dangerous UVC radiation from reaching the Earth's surface. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin, primarily giving you a glow, but this type of radiation can also affect skin aging and increase the risk of skin cancer. UVB rays penetrate the skin superficially and often cause sunburn and skin damage which can be permanent as well as increase the risk of skin cancer.

Step 3
How to use your UV-Bodyguard

The UV-Bodyguard is an easy-to-use electromagnetic radiation measuring device for you and your family. Placed on your wrist, bag or picnic blanket, it measures precisely the sun’s UV radiation levels wherever you / your group are located.

The UV-Bodyguard sends data directly to a corresponding smartphone app, analyzing the sun's current position and atmospheric influences using data provided by the European space program, Copernicus.

UV-Bodyguard then accurately calculates current UV radiation levels to provide you with specific recommendations for safe sun exposure for everyone in your group, tailored to specific skin types and which sun factor each of you use. You can enter individual profiles on all of those you share the sun with via your app.

In addition to the UV-Bodyguard, you will receive the accompanying app for your smartphone. An adjustable bracelet that you can use throughout the day – as well as a protective rubber cover for the device itself. Your UV-Bodyguard is ‘waterproof’ for sports activities above water, such as surfing.

Step 4
The app includes

• Option to create multiple user profiles. As many as you need.

• Option to adjust individual skin types and SPF.

• UV forecast at your location.

• Overview of the latest UV readings.

You can find more information about the UV-Bodyguard HERE.

All you need to know about sun protection

All Rudolph Care sun products carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which is your guarantee that your sun product is easily degradeable in your body as well as in the environment.

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