Responsibility at Rudolph Care

At Rudolph Care, we aim for transparency in the way we conduct our business. The two reports, the Sustainability Report and the ESG Report, offer insight into how we take responsibility and work on providing our customers with an understanding of what we are engaged in.

The ESG Report and Sustainability Report are publications that document Rudolph Care's progress in environmental impact, social aspects, and economy. These reports also allow for an assessment of our overall efforts and involve you in the company's ambitions for the future. Find both reports below.

The açai berry is Rudolph Care's core ingredient and you will find it in every product in our rose product line. The açai berries grow in the Amazon and are harvested by a community of 150 local families. Every year, we support community driven projects in the area. Read much more about previous and future projects here.

ESG Report 2022

ESG stands for 'Environment,' 'Social,' and 'Governance,' and the report contains our collected data on these aspects. ESG serves as a complement to traditional annual reporting such as financial statements and annual reports. We are releasing this report because it is our goal to be as transparent as possible about our key performance indicators as a company, with the hope of inspiring others who are also working to create value beyond their bottom line.

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Sustainability Report 2022

In our sustainability report, you can learn about our past efforts, which Sustainable Development Goals we support, and details about our certifications, supply chain, project support, and partnerships. You will gain insight into our work in ecology and packaging, our involvement with B Corp and the B Beauty Coalition, as well as our efforts to develop our daily workplace and environment with a focus on the projects we are still facing and looking forward to.

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