Hello, handsome – care for masculine skin

Keep reading to find out which Rudolph Care products can easily and effectively optimize your skincare routine.

More men realize the importance of a skincare routine so they can look and feel their best every day.

Rudolph Cares products are for both feminine and masculine skin – and with a discreet, natural scent, your favorite cologne will still stay in focus.


Açai Facial Scrub Mask

Açai Facial Scrub Mask is a two-in-one product that firstly exfoliates the skin – and then works as a moisturizing mask. Massage the small grains into your face to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. Leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes to let the natural oils nourish the skin. Take the mask off with your favorite cleanser, for example Gentle Cleansing Foam. The mask is also available in a travel size – so you can look after your skin no matter where you are.

Gentle Cleansing Foam

Gentle Cleansing Foam cleanses the skin on your face and gets rid of any dirt that settles during the day. The light foam is an effective and gentle cleansing product, that thoroughly cleanses the skin without drying it out. The foam is ideal for shaving without worrying about any following discomfort; simply apply the product directly to the beard. Follow up afterwards with cream or oil to protect the skin.


Açai Facial Oil

Açai Facial Oil is made from pure, organic açai oil, which is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that help restore and enhance the skin. When applied, the skin immediately appears rejuvenated and over time, it becomes more radiant with an even surface.The oil quickly melts into the skin, is non-greasy, and has a natural earthy scent of palms and the Amazonas rainforest where the açai berry originates.

Moisture Delight

Moisture Delight is a lightweight face cream for both day- and nighttime, that boosts the skin with nourishment and moisture. The effective, natural ingredients strengthen the skins barrier and ensures a thoroughly moisturized skin – ready to take on the day. The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and has a discreet, natural scent. Good for all skin types, but is especially ideal for skin that prefers lightweight products.

Body & hair

Keep On Rolling Deodorant

Keep On Rolling Deodorant is a natural deodorant that combats body odor and protects the skin in your armpits. Does not contain antiperspirant – but rids unwanted smells with crystal potassium alum. Keep On Rolling Deo ensures a fresh smell throughout the day, also when you’re working out or physically active. Dries down quickly and nourishes the sensitive skin under your arms.

Herbal Mint Shampoo

Herbal Mint Shampoo is a nurturing shampoo containing extracts from organic, green herbs – that focuses on strengthening the hair and soothing dry and irritated scalp. The shampoo creates a soft foam that cleanses the hair without drying it out or stealing shine. The mild scent of menthol creates a fresh feeling that lasts all day. Also available in a travel size for your gym bag or travel rucksack.

Açai Body Lotion

Açai Body Lotion is a moisturizing lotion – filled with natural ingredients. The lotion absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling greasy and is specially developed for dry and sensitive skin. The lightweight lotion has a fresh and natural scent and is easily applied all over the body. Available in three different sizes; the larger bottle, good for at-home use, with 400 ml., the medium size of 200 ml., as well as in a travel size of 100 ml for convenience on the go.