Certified sun protection - also for men

Our sun series is good for your skin – and for our planet. All our sun products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which guarantees that both your health and our planet have been taken into consideration.

Our sun series is made without ingredients that are proven hormone disruptive and doesn’t contain the 26 allergenic perfumes that EU recommends avoiding. Therefore, our sun series is also coral friendly.

Regardless of whether you prefer a lotion, oil, cream or cooling aftersun, you can find the right sun products for you that are neither greasy, sticky nor create a white cast.


An active outdoor lifestyle can be tough on your skin. Whether you spend hours working in the garden, find yourself on top of a snowy mountain, catch waves in the sun, or go exploring in nature, it is important to protect yourself from environmental factors that can affect the skin. That way, you can prevent signs of aging, strengthen your skin's barrier and feel protected against harmful rays.

Sun Stick SPF 50

Sun Stick is a nurturing product with high SPF, that effectively protects you against the sun's UVA and UVB rays. The water-resistant stick is ideal for areas on your body and face that are more exposed to the sun – such as lips, ears, nose, and neck. It can also be used to protect both scars and tattoos. The sun stick is 100% perfume-free and is in a size that is convenient to bring on trips.

Sun Face Cream SPF 15, 30 & 50

Sun Face Cream is a nourishing sun cream for the face, that protects optimally against the sun's UVA and UVB rays. The sun face cream can replace your usual face cream during the spring and summer months, as its ingredients add moisture, care and soothes the skin. The cream has a natural scent and quickly penetrates the skin, without being sticky, greasy or creating a white cast. Available in SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 50, there's sun protection for every need – in a size that's easy to fit in your backpack.

Sun Body Lotion SPF 15, 30 & 50

Sun Body Lotion is a water-resistant lotion for the body, that ensures effective protection against the sun's rays. The lightweight lotion is easy to apply to your whole body, absorbs quickly, and is neither sticky, greasy nor creates a white cast. Rich in natural, organic ingredients, that moisturize and protect your skin in the sun - with a natural, mild fragrance. Available with SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 50 and comes in three sizes; the larger bottle, good for at-home use, with 400 ml., the medium size of 150 ml. for longer trips, as well as a travel size of 75 ml., when it needs to be light and convenient on the go.

Sun Body Oil SPF 30 & 50

Sun Body Oil is a luxurious and nourishing body oil that protects you from the sun's harmful rays. The oil is especially easy to distribute as a spray on your body and strengthens your skin with its high content of organic oils. The oil is just as protective as a sun lotion, is water-resistant, and absorbs quickly into the skin without being greasy or drying. The sun oil has a natural and discreet scent - and is available in both SPF 30 and SPF 50.

Aftersun Repair Spray

Aftersun Repair Spray comes to your skin's rescue after a day in the sun. The cooling mist with menthol and aloe vera instantly soothes the feeling of warm skin. The spray is easily distributed and absorbs immediately into the skin – so that you can get dressed quickly after application.

What's right and wrong within the world of sun protection? Which SPF is ideal for you and what about aftersun - is it necessary? We've answered all the frequently asked questions here.