A Hint of Summer - The Classic

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Certified organic self-tanning drops for the face and body that give you a natural, radiant summer glow – without exposing skin to the sun's harmful rays. For the face, mix A Hint of Summer with your face cream or oil. For the body, mix with body lotion or body oil.

Read more about the effect and how to use the product below.

A Hint of Summer no longer carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as the certification has taken a new stance on one of the ingredients in the product. Read more here.

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More about A Hint of Summer - The Classic


A Hint of Summer gives you the feeling of summer all year round. Its natural DHA molecule creates a glow when it reacts with the peptides and amino acids that make up the epidermis, your upper layer of skin. At the same time, organic aloe vera soothes, restores and maintains the skin's moisture balance while açai extract strengthens and protects the skin.


A Hint of Summer has a discreet and delicate scent which derives from the natural ingredients it consists of – together with Rudolph Care's natural signature scent.


Light and liquid.


A Hint of Summer carries the Ecocert COSMOS Organic certification, which is your guarantee that the ingredients are grown responsibly and with respect for the environment*. In addition, the product is labeled with the Vegan Trademark.

*A Hint of Summer doesn’t carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as the certification has taken a new stance on one of the ingredients in the product. Read more here.

How to use A Hint of Summer - The Classic


Regardless of whether you use A Hint of Summer – The Classic on the face or body, it is important that your skin has a smooth, clean base to give as even a result as possible. Exfoliate your face using a gentle facial scrub and the rest of the body with a body scrub. Do you know Açai Facial Scrub Mask and Açai Body Scrub?

Use A Hint of Summer - The Classic

In the palm of your hand, mix a few pumps of A Hint of Summer with your face cream or body lotion/oil. Use the same amount of cream/oil as usual and add 1-3 pumps for the face and 4-6 pumps for the body. Apply over your face and/or body. Pay extra attention around eyebrows (especially if your brows are light), the jawline, hairline, elbows, knees and ankles. You can remove any excess product with a damp cloth. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Allow the product to absorb and dry completely before getting dressed and going about your day.

Hands and feet: A tip to create a smooth and even transition to hands and feet is to mix a single pump together with hand cream or body lotion. Apply the mixture to the hands and feet, avoiding your nails. Any residue can be removed with a damp washcloth.

Follow up

The glow builds gradually and is noticeable after a few hours. Repeat the same routine for 2-3 days, depending on your current skin tone and desired result. If necessary, take a break for 2-3 days before resuming the routine.

The video shows how A Hint of Summer enthusiast Silvany Bricen uses The Classic in her glow routine.

A Hint of Summer FAQ


Now you know A Hint of Summer – The Classic. But here is a quick recap.

A Hint of Summer – The Classic…

  • Gives you and your skin – on the face as well as on the body – lots of glow and summer sensations. For all skin types.
  • Contains nourishing and strengthening aloe vera and açai as well as the natural DHA molecule, which gives the skin glow.
  • Is free from the 26 allergenic perfume substances and is blue-stamped by the COSMOS and Vegan Trademark certifications.