A Hint of Summer - The Mousse

A Hint of Summer - The Mousse

150 ml

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Glow & summer feels
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How to use

A Hint of Summer - The Mousse

Step 1
Apply self tanner

Before you get going with your self tanning ritual, make sure to moisturize your body with a regular body lotion or body oil. A well-hydrated skin surface is key when applying self tanning mousse. Pay particular attention to elbows, knees and ankles as the self-tanning effect settles more easily on drier areas of the skin.

Apply A Hint of Summer – The Mousse to your entire body, or simply where you want a glow. We recommend 2-4 pumps for each body part, depending on your desired color intensity. Take time to apply carefully and wash your hands occasionally between applications on legs and buttocks, stomach, back, arms and chest. Allow the product to absorb and dry completely before getting dressed and going about your day.

Hands and feet: A tip to create a smooth transition to hands and feet is to switch to A Hint of Summer – The Classic and mix a single pump with hand cream or body lotion. Apply the mixture to hands and feet, avoiding nails. Remove residue from nails with a damp washcloth.

Step 2
Exfoliation is key

Clean and soft skin is beneficial to achieve an even glow with A Hint of Summer – The Mousse. Exfoliate the body – try using our nourishing and gentle Açai Body Scrub which both removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin silky smooth.

Step 3

The color builds gradually and after 2-6 hours you will experience a sun-kissed glow that can be easily intensified and maintained with regular use. Try it out. A single application may be sufficient. If you want a more intense glow, we recommend repeating the routine 2-3 days in a row. If necessary, take a break for 2-3 days and resume the routine again.

A Hint of Summer FAQ


Mousse, lotion or drops?

Our self tanning series, A Hint of Summer, now consists of the trio The Classic, The Lotion, and The Mousse. Three different self tanners packed with lovely summer vibes.

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