Forever Soft Conditioner Travelsize

Forever Soft Conditioner Travelsize is the on-the-go version of our conditioner that nourishes and rebuilds the hair using organic oils and extracts. The natural ingredients infuse shine to make the hair soft and easy to manage – without leaving it heavy, flat or greasy.

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Adds moisture
Especially good for
Dry and damaged hair
All hair types

More about Forever Soft Conditioner


The main task of Forever Soft Conditioner is to ensure soft, strong, shiny and full hair. It does this job using effective natural ingredients. Wheat protein rebuilds dry and damaged hair while avocado oil and honey extract ensure plenty of moisture and nourishment for every strand of hair. Forever Soft is part of our hair care range, which includes Herbal Mint Shampoo and Blossom Shampoo, to give you everything you need for a luxurious and sensuous hair wash.


Fills your bathroom with a fresh fragrance of raspberry and violets – the fragrance is the same as the one used in our Blossom Shampoo.


Creamy, soft and full.


Forever Soft Conditioner carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel which is your guarantee for your own health and the welfare of nature. Find out more about our certifications here.

How to use Forever Soft Conditioner

Apply a small amount of Forever Soft Conditioner on the ends of wet and newly washed hair. Massage lightly and leave the conditioning ingredients to work for 1-3 minutes – or longer for a deeper treatment. Rinse your hair thoroughly.


Try Forever Soft Conditioner as a hair treatment. Massage the product into your hair and leave overnight. Place a towel on your pillow to avoid damaging the pillow cover. Rinse out the conditioner in the morning – and feel how the natural ingredients have been given the opportunity to work and rebuild your hair.

Forever Soft Q&A


We have now introduced you to Forever Soft Conditioner – and told you everything you need to know. But just in case, here is a summary:

Forever Soft Conditioner…

  • Makes your hair silky soft, shiny and easy to comb.
  • Rebuilds and strengthens your hair by retaining moisture, optimizing suppleness and ensuring that it does not break as easily.
  • Does not contain the 26 fragrance allergens and is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel which protects your health and that of nature.

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