To The Rescue Balm

To The Rescue Balm is a truly universal product for rescuing dry skin. Its rich ointment is excellent for rough and dry lips, cuticle care, elbows and other dry areas anywhere on the body. The balm is 100% fragrance free.

10 ml

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Moisture retaining
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All skin types

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To The Rescue is rich, effective and nourishing rescue care for rough, dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Its high content of shea butter repairs challenged skin while beeswax provides the skin with a protective membrane. The balm does not contain water which means it gives the skin concentrated nourishment with its cold-pressed oils from coconut, jojoba and sweet almond.


The balm is 100% free from perfume, leaving it up to the natural ingredients to characterize the scent subtly and gracefully.


Firm, rich and ointment-like.


To The Rescue carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and COSMOS certifications which safeguard your health and that of nature in a complete life cycle. Find out more about our certifications here.

How to use To The Rescue Balm

  1. Apply the balm where the skin needs it. Ideal for lips, knuckles, cuticles, elbows and fine scratches. Apply as needed.

To The Rescue FAQ


We have now introduced you to To The Rescue Balm – and told you everything you need to know. But just in case, here is a summary:

To The Rescue Balm…

  • Repairs and soothes damaged and irritated skin.
  • Nurtures and revitalizes with its high content of oils, beeswax and shea butter.
  • Is fragrance-free and certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and COSMOS.