5 tips for your pelvic floor

There’s no excuse – today's Kegels are just waiting to be done. Because who wants to pee their pants just looking at a trampoline? And who doesn't want more out of their sex life? At Rudolph Care there are no pointed fingers – instead, we want to help you out with our new pelvic floor trainer; three teardrop-shaped balls, that help you tighten up inside – along with five tips to easily take care of your pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor is trained by doing Kegels – and by using the Tender Lifters pelvic trainers, you can strengthen the muscles more effectively. When you do your Kegel exercises with Tender Lifters, the pelvic trainer is inserted into the vagina, which you then squeeze around. Feel free to use a bit of lube when inserting.

Tender Lifters
contain small metal balls of varying weights. Make sure you start out light and gradually build up to a heavier weight.

It is recommended to do 10 Kegels with a duration of five seconds, in three sets. It is not important to be able to complete all three laps at the beginning of your training – the main thing is just that you work towards it. A strong pelvic floor should be able to do 20 squeezes for five seconds, and one long squeeze lasting one minute.

Pelvic training may not sound super sexy – but well-trained muscles in the pelvic floor can enhance your sex drive, give greater pleasure, and stronger orgasms. When you train your pelvic floor, the blood supply to the muscles increases, improving sensitivity, sex drive and maybe leading to stronger orgasms.

After using Tender Lifters, you can easily clean the teardrop-shaped balls with water and a bit of mild soap; you can for example use Rudolph Care's Silky Soap or Shower Power. Feel free to use a cloth such as the Cleanse & Care Cloth when washing your Tender Lifter – or use it as a clean cloth to dry your Tender Lifters off with, rather than the towel hanging in your bathroom.

Source: Peech og RFSU