Extend the feeling of summer

Oh no… Is summer coming to an end? Not if you ask us at Rudolph Care, model and medical student Clara Raundorf-Medina who lives in Copenhagen, or photographer and Stylist Elise Dumas, who lives in Paris. Here, they give their best tips on how to bring the feeling of summer with you, when autumn is lurking around the corner.

What do you do to preserve the summer glow you've acquired during the summer?

Clara: “Plenty of moisture is essential. I have recently added a moisturizing serum to my skincare routine – and for extra glow, I use the Açai Facial Scrub Mask. I love body balms to take care of the skin on my body; I have been using Mommy and Me since my pregnancy, and now my daughter and I share it after bathing. During summer, a good aftersun is key. After a long day at the beach, having a cooling shower followed by all your favorite products is the best feeling.”

Elise: “Scrub, scrub, scrub! I scrub my body with Açai Body Scrub and use Time to Glow Peeling Mask on my face – and then I moisturize as much as possible. The sun and sea can be harsh on my skin even though I have protected myself with sunscreen, which is why Açai Body Balm is my favorite; I love the texture and how well it helps my dry skin. Last but not least, I try to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay well-hydrated. This is also the key to beautiful skin – along with good vitamins and supplements.”

How do you manage to hold on to the summer feeling even as the season gradually comes to an end?

Clara: “I try to make the most out of the good weather; I go for a lot of nice bike rides with my family during the weekends – and eat the best ice creams from Confecture Copenhagen in Christianshavn.”

Elise: “As I work as a photographer and stylist, I spend a lot of time outside working. Therefore, I keep the summer feeling with “Indian Summer” – waking up early when the sun rises, soaking in it as much as I can till the end. Being connected to nature while working outside, surrounded by all the flowers I use in my images, also helps me see the summer season slide into autumn with amazing grace; the light changes, the air becomes crisper in the morning, and nature's flowers and foliage turn into golden tones... I just accept the beauty of every season.”

Which products are essential for you to have in your bag during late summer?

Clara: “A good lip balm, and hand cream, is always with me on the go. If we’re going to our summer house or on holiday, I always pack Gentle Cleansing Foam to clean my face. It comes in a perfect little travel size – and is a product I always keep repurchasing.”

Elise:Sun Face Cream SPF 50 is still necessary for me. I spend long hours outside and the sun can still be harsh.”

Have you gained any memories or lessons during the summer that you'll carry with you in the future?

Clara: “A morning walk with my 1.5-year-old daughter through the city, as it is about to wake up, has been a regular routine I have enjoyed this summer. I will stick to that as much as possible when everyday life starts again.”

Elise: “I LOVE summer days, but I also love the fall season with all its new promises. I have learned that every season has its perks and flaws – you just need to find some good in every moment of the year. Nevertheless, if I had to mention sweet memories of this summer that I carry with me, it would be enjoying oysters on a boat in our bathing suits or being on the beach. It would be the smell of dry flowers in the dunes, sunsets over the sea, and the delicious summer fruits and veggies...The summer season is so easy to enjoy.”

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