Mothers, here are our favorites

Here, you'll discover the top skincare tips and favorite products for pregnant and new mothers, shared by the Rudolph Care team, including those who are currently pregnant and those who have recently given birth.

Marie Lodberg, 40
Senior Communications Manager

Mother of 4-year-old Babette and 14-month-old Alf

Which two products were you particularly happy with during your pregnancy?
"I had the driest skin during my pregnancy - both on my face and body. Hand Cream was my savior. It was a permanent fixture on my bedside table - not just for my hands but also for my forearms, elbows, and tired feet. Easy to apply and rich enough to make a difference."

"In both of my pregnancies, pigment spots spread like a map across my cheekbones. And even though I know it's almost impossible to avoid them due to hormonal changes, I did my best to ensure that the sun wouldn't trigger the pigment spots. That's why I used Sun Face Cream SPF30. A sunscreen that doesn't leave your skin oily."

Which two products work well for you as a new mother?

"Seriously, you never get eight hours of sleep in a row. Firming Eye Mask makes my dark circles under my eyes look like they've had at least seven hours of sleep - as opposed to the actual five."

"Lips by Rudolph Care in the shade Josephine (04) adds a touch of color and gloss to the lips while also providing lip care. Always in my bag, always ready for kisses from my sweet children who don't necessarily always want to be kissed."

What is your skincare routine, and how did it change when you became a mother?

"Less is more," is what I tell myself every morning and evening and my skin agrees. I went from having an extensive ten-step skincare routine to just three steps every morning and evening. I use Nourishing Cleansing Oil, together with the clever Care Cloth, which has a coarse side that's good for gentle exfoliation.

Then I apply Instantly Smoothing Serum because, "Does it give a glow? Yes!" And finally, Açai Anti-Stress Facial Cream - the cream that soothes the skin. Once a week, I use Açai Facial Scrub Mask in the shower. It cleanses thoroughly and provides moisture. If I remember, I give my skin a spritz of Mist Delight before I walk out the door - a boost of energy for the skin.

Camille Sejr Antonsen, 28
Social Media Customer Service

Mother of 1-year-old Holly

Which two products were you particularly happy with during your pregnancy?
"Mommy and Me for my belly, a product which ensured me that I was giving my belly and baby what it deserved – the best of the best. It also helped nourish and soften the skin on my belly, which was working hard during pregnancy."

"Another savior was Mist Delight, as I was heavily pregnant during the summer It was so nice to use on both my face and body when it got too hot, and my skin needed refreshment."

Which two products work well for you as a new mother?
"Nourishing Cleansing Oil and Firming Perfector Serum are my absolute go-to when I need it to go quick. Nourishing Cleansing Oil is an oil-based makeup remover and cleanser in one and fragrance-free. It's effective at both cleansing and providing a little extra moisture to the skin. Then comes Firming Perfector Serum - that's when I know my skin is off to a good start."

Share your skincare routine, and how did it change when you became a mother?
"Fortunately, my skincare routine could remain mostly the same when I became pregnant. Many of Rudolph Care products are Swan-labeled, and that was and still is my guideline for which products I use during pregnancy and now, especially while I'm still breastfeeding. It's reassuring to know that my beauty routine is both effective for me and gentle for those around me."

Cecilie Honoré, 30
SoMe Manager

Mother of 1-year-old Alonso

Which two products were your favorites during pregnancy?
"I've always been better at caring for my face than my body. But that changed once I became pregnant. I experienced a lot of discomfort in my legs, especially in the evenings, and that's when I would reach for Açai Body Balm and massage it into my shins and feet after a foot bath. I also used Mommy & Me on my belly after a shower and even as an occasional overnight mask for my face. And then Sun Face Cream almost every day, regardless of whether it was sunny or rainy."

Which two products work well for you as a new mother?
"On busy mornings, I practically only use a cleanser, either Gentle Cleansing Foam or Cleansing Milk, and then I apply Açai Facial Oil on top. I find it easy and quick to use, and I think I look fresher, and my skin gets a lovely glow. If Moisture Delight is closer at hand than Facial Oil, then that is what I go with."

What is your skincare routine, and how did it change when you became a mother?
"I became even more conscious of using products that were, at the very least, certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. So I eliminated anything that wasn't. Some might think it's a bit 'extreme,' but for me, safety was essential. My skincare routine is still pretty much the same. As soon as I like a product and have the feeling that it works, then it becomes that product I use for a long time. With that being said, when I have a minute or two and want to give my skin extra loving care, I use Firming Perfector Serum under my Facial Oil. I have also gotten better at remembering my body care. Body Lotion and Body Oil have become my good friends after an evening bath.”

Pernille Kjærbye, 40
Art Director

Mother of 11-year-old Otto, bonus mother of 10-year-old Carl Frederik and 6-year-old Walther, in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Which two products are you favorites as a pregnant woman?
"I feel that my skin needs extra moisture now that I am pregnant. So, in my day cream, I use Moisture Delight, I mix a drop of Açai Facial Oil. This way, I also feel like I get a little extra glow. And I've been enjoying the use of Mist Delight to freshen up during the day. It can sort of help alleviate some of that tiredness that comes with being pregnant.

What is your skincare routine – and how has it changed since you became pregnant?
"I'm extra mindful of what I apply on my skin since the vast majority is absorbed into the body that I now share with another little person. Therefore, I exclusively use products that carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel l, as it makes me feel safe. And I've become extra attentive to cleansing my skin at the end of the day to remove everything that is harmful to the body and accumulates during the day, especially when you live in the city, like me. I've always used Gentle Cleansing Foam, but now I've added Nourishing Cleansing Oil as the first step in my cleansing routine, so I get a deeper cleanse with double cleansing."

Sofie Nielsen, 28
Digital Communications Manager

Mother of 9-month-old Søren

Which two products were you particularly happy with during your pregnancy?
"I didn't think I could become more enchanted by Açai Body Balm, but I became even more obsessed as my belly grew. I would gaze into the jar every evening and apply it generously. The scent now reminds me of the best waiting time."

"I also loved (and still do) Açai Facial Scrub Mask. It's such a luxurious treat for yourself, and I enjoyed it so much during pregnancy when my body was working hard."

Which two products work well for you as a new mother?
"Oh, they all work well! There isn't a Rudolph Care product that isn't easy and intuitive to use. But I must go with my indispensable cleansing favorite, Hydrating Cleansing Milk. I massage it into my skin in the evening, not just a quick pat on the cheeks, but a thorough massage all over my face, neck, chest, and neck. Then I remove the product with a warm cloth."

"My other favorite is my best two-in-one hack: Sun Face Cream. It's an excellent day cream and offers excellent sun protection. Perfect for that mommy brain that forgets how important it is to protect the skin from the sun."

Tell us about your skincare routine, and how did it change when you became a mother?
"My skincare routine is something I truly cherish. Even though it changes with the seasons, it's fundamentally the same as before I became a mother. I've always believed in a good start and a calm ending to the day, and I find myself in front of the mirror morning and evening. Cleansing, mist, serum, cream, or oil - depending on the season, mood, and needs. I always cleanse with Hydrating Cleansing Milk, use Acai Facial Mist on a cotton pad, apply Firming Perfector Serum, and usually finish with Acai Facial Oil, no joke, the world's best facial oil."